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Soccer Body Wants ‘Minimum Interference’ From Video Replays

The IFAB, soccer’s lawmaking body, wants to keep the use of video replays to an minimum if they are eventually introduced into the sport to help referees make match-changing decisions.

Technical director David Elleray added that International Football Association Board was also considering whether the crowd should be shown the replay while match officials were deliberating over an incident.

IFAB approved live testing of video assistant referees (VARs), who monitor the action on screens and call the match referee’s attention to key mistakes or omissions, in March 2016.

FIFA President Gianni Infantino has already said that soccer’s governing body would like to use video replays in the 2018 World Cup, and IFAB is expected to decide next March whether to authorize their use in the game permanently.

Elleray said replays should be used only for “clear errors in goals, penalties and direct red cards, plus mistaken identity.”

“The idea is not to check every decision. … It is to overturn the ones that make the headlines,” he said, adding that he wanted “minimum interference, maximum benefit.”

“We would rather have one review in four matches than four in every match,” he said.

Replays for crowds

Asked whether it would be a good idea to show replays to the crowd, Elleray said: “We are discussing and considering at the moment. There are strong arguments for, strong arguments against.”

Elleray said that in cases where play continued after a possible infringement, the referee should stop the game for a review “as soon as the ball is in a neutral part of the field.”

However, he acknowledged that in rare cases it would be impossible to stop the game quickly; in such cases, he said, officials would simply allow play to go on and review the incident at the first opportunity.

“Ultimately, the main thing is getting it right,” he said.

“It could one day happen that there is a possible penalty at one end but play goes straight down the other end and a goal is scored.

“In that case, depending on the outcome of the video, the goal would be disallowed and a penalty awarded to the other side.”

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Stones’ Guitarist Richards Donates Items for Auction Benefiting Autistic Adults

Rolling Stones fans are sure to get some satisfaction from an upcoming auction to benefit a pair of Connecticut charities that help autistic adults.

The Stamford Advocate reports that Stones guitarist Keith Richards and his wife, Patti Hansen, are donating items from their Manhattan apartment to benefit the Prospector Theater and Sphere Inc., both based in Ridgefield, Connecticut. Hansen’s nephew has received services from the organizations.

The couple lives in nearby Weston.

The 73-year-old Richards’ guitars and flamboyant stage costumes aren’t on the auction block. Instead, items for sale include Italian, French and English furniture, Persian carpets, paintings, Waterford crystal and even a skull-motif china tea set.

The auction is being handled by Stair Galleries in Hudson, New York, on June 24. The preview begins June 10.

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Stars Added to Grande’s Manchester Concert

The Black Eyed Peas and Robbie Williams will join Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber and other stars at a charity concert Sunday in Manchester, England.

Live Nation said Thursday that girl group Little Mix had also been added to the show being held in response to the Manchester bombing that took place at Grande’s concert in the city last week. Twenty-two people died at the show.

Katy Perry, Coldplay, Miley Cyrus, Pharrell Williams, Take That and Niall Horan also will perform. The event, “One Love Manchester,” will take place at Emirates Old Trafford.

Tickets went on sale Thursday. Proceeds will go to an emergency fund set up by the city of Manchester and the British Red Cross.

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It’s a Girl? Venus Williams Opens up on Serena’s Baby

Venus Williams may have revealed the gender of sister Serena Williams’ baby during a post-match interview at the French Open this week.

When asked by Eurosport what the baby will call her, Venus replied, “she’s going to call me favorite aunt.” She added that she and her other sisters are pushing for the child to be named after them.


Serena Williams announced her pregnancy with Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian in April, but didn’t hint at the baby’s gender.


Venus Williams defeated Kurumi Nara, with Serena looking on from the stands Wednesday. She takes on Elise Mertens in the third round of the French Open on Friday.



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Police Release Tiger Woods’ DUI Arrest Video

His speech slow and slurred, Tiger Woods couldn’t follow simple instructions or keep his balance during a dazed and disoriented encounter with police before he was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence.


The video images came from dash-cam footage that Jupiter police released Wednesday night, and they show Woods with little capacity to stand still without swaying, repeat simple instruction or put one foot in front of the other.


The footage came from his arrest Monday in the dark of early morning when Jupiter police noticed his Mercedes parked on the side of a six-lane road, part of it in the road and part of it in the bicycle lane.


Police found the Woods sound asleep behind the wheel, according to an incident report. The engine was running, the brake lights were on and the right turn signal was blinking. Police also released photos of his car that showed both tires flat with minor damage around the bumpers.


When the officer asks Woods where he had been, the 14-time major champion says, “LA.” He says he was headed down to Orange County.


The 1 hour, 39-minute video starts with the Jupiter police approaching Woods’ car and ends with the cruiser pulling into the Palm Beach County jail, with Woods in handcuffs behind his back and sitting in the back seat.


Woods told the officers he had not been drinking, and two breath tests at the jail registered a 0.0. Woods issued a statement nearly 10 hours after he was released from jail on Monday that alcohol was not involved.


“What happened was an unexpected reaction to prescribed medications,” Woods said in his statement. “I didn’t realize the mix of medications had affected me so strongly.”


He told police he was taking prescription medicine. When asked what kind, his answer was redacted from the video tape. The arrest affidavit listed four medications, including Vicodin, that Woods reported taking.


Woods is to be arraigned July 5 in Palm Beach County court.


The video brings to life the troubling images contained in an incident report from the four Jupiter police officers who were at the scene.


His speech is slurred from his first words. When the officer points out that Woods shoe is untied, Woods places his right foot on the front of the police car and starts to fiddle with the laces.


“It’s your other shoe that’s untied,” the officer says as Woods unties the laces.


“Now that one is, too,” the officer adds.


When Woods is unable to tie the left shoe, the officer tells him he can take them off. Woods then tells the officer he doesn’t remember what happened or being asleep in his car when police approached.


The field sobriety test was a failure from the start.


Woods struggled to simply put his feet together. When he did, he leaned forward after losing his balance.


He couldn’t follow a red light the officer moved from side to side. When asked to walk a straight line by going heel-to-toe nine times, Woods staggered from the starting position. He never connected heel-to-toe. He often strayed outside the white line and occasionally lost his balance.


Woods couldn’t raise one leg 6 inches off the round.


On his third try of understanding the alphabet instructions, he made it from A to Z.


The next instruction from the officer was to place his hands behind his back as they cuffed him and told him he was being arrested.


Woods, who had his fourth back surgery in three years on April 20, has not played since February 2 in Dubai when he withdrew after the first round because of back spasms. The surgery means he is out for the rest of the PGA Tour season.

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Chloe Grace Moretz Apologizes for Ad Accused of Body Shaming

Actress Chloe Grace Moretz and the creators of her upcoming animated film apologized Wednesday after promotional materials were criticized of body shaming women.

Moretz, 20, wrote on Twitter that she had talked to producers for the film Red Shoes & the 7 Dwarfs about the marketing choices, including a billboard appearing at the Cannes Film Festival last week. The ad depicted a tall, thin woman in red heels next to a shorter, heavier version of herself holding her heels. The tagline promoted a Snow White who was no longer beautiful.

A trailer posted by South Korea-based Locus Creative Studios showed two dwarfs hiding in Snow White’s bedroom watching her undress after a night out. After kicking off her red heels, the Snow White character is shown as a heavier woman lounging in her underwear.

The company removed the trailer from its YouTube channel after social media users criticized the film’s ads.

Locus apologized for the billboard and trailer in an email. The company will terminate the current promos, saying they had the opposite effect of what was intended.

“Our film, a family comedy, carries a message designed to challenge social prejudices related to standards of physical beauty in society by emphasizing the importance of inner beauty,” the studio said.

Moretz wrote that she stands behind the film’s script, which she says tells a powerful message to young women.

“The actual story is powerful for young women and resonated with me,” Moretz wrote. “I am sorry for the offense that was beyond my creative control.”

The film has no release date.

Moretz has starred in films including Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising and Kick-Ass and its sequel.

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Angkor Wat Takes Top Spot for Tourist Destination

Angkor Wat has triumphed across the centuries to emerge at the world’s top tourism landmark in TripAdvisor’s Traveler’s Choice awards—for the second time since 2015.

The travel website used — what else? — an algorithm to determine the winners, which were determined by taking into account the quantity and quality of reviews and rankings for landmarks worldwide gathered over a 12-month period.

WATCH: Angkor Wat voted top travel site

Angkor Wat scored 33,000 5-star reviews with comments that included “must see,” “magnificent” and “WOW!” along with admonitions to bring comfortable shoes and bottled water to explore the 250 square kilometers of Angkor Archaeological Park, which includes Angkor Wat and hundreds of other temples.

“This is the Khmer nation’s pride, because Angkor is not only part of the prosperous heritage of Cambodia, but it has also become the heart and soul of the nation,” according to Long Kosal,  a spokesman for the government’s Authority for the Protection and Management of Angkor and the Region of Siem Reap (APSARA).

Built between the years 802 and 1431, the city of Angkor was the center of the Khmer empire in what is now Cambodia, until it was toppled by internal power struggles, foreign invasion and climate change.

‘Unique concentration of features’

A complex of temples, basins, dikes, reservoirs and canals, the site “is a unique concentration of features testifying to an exceptional civilization,” according to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

Angkor was, according to World Archaeology, “the most extensive urban complex in the pre-industrial world.”

Angkor topped the 2015 TripAdvisor landmarks list, and last year Lonely Planet, another travel site, gave the temples of Angkor the top spot.

Ang Kim Eang, founder of the Great Angkor Tour Company, said the most recent award, which was made on May 23, will bolster tourism as more people become aware of the temples. But he cautioned that it was important to educate tourists about how to behave while visiting the sacred site, as visitor numbers continue to rise.

Code of conduct

To prevent damage to the complex, the APSARA provides a code of conduct with video on its site.

“They don’t have any knowledge,” he said. “They did not pay respect to the Buddha statues while they are visiting. We are worried especially when it is crowded.”

Lisa Delpy Neirotti, a George Washington University professor who is director of the masters of tourism administration program, on Wednesday told VOA Cambodia “the way you preserve a cultural heritage site is that you put caps on admission. I did see that they doubled the admission prices in 2016, which is one way to control capacity.”

For foreign tourists, the price of a one-day pass increased from $20 to $37, a three-day ticket from $40 to $62 and a seven-day pass from $60 to $72. Cambodians enter without charge.

Golden Gate Gate Bridge top US landmark

In 1993, when Agkor Wat was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List, there were 7,650 recorded visitors. Last year, 2.2 million tourists visited the temple complex, Kosal said, bringing in more than $62 million to government coffers. So far this year, about 950,000 tourists have visited Angkor Wat. In April, 63,541 Chinese tourists visited the complex, far in excess of the 17,217 South Koreans and 12,660 visitors from the United Kingdom, according to government statistics.

Until November 2015, the complex was leased to a company owned by Sok Kong, a petroleum magnate close to the ruling Cambodian People’s Party. Since then, it has been under government control.

The 2017 TripAdvisor awards honored 706 landmarks in 82 countries, with the Sheikh Zayed mosque in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, the Mezquita Cathedral de Cordoba in Cordoba, Spain, St. Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican, and the Taj Mahal in India occupying the next four positions. The 80-year-old Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco holds 11th place worldwide and is the top-rated U.S. landmark.


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Mexico’s Hotel California Owners Reject the Eagles’ Trademark Claims

The owners of a Mexican hotel using the name Hotel California on Wednesday said a trademark infringement lawsuit by the Eagles, whose song “Hotel California” is arguably the band’s most famous, should be dismissed.

Hotel California Baja LLC, which runs the Todos Santos hotel in Baja California Sur, said the band long ago waived its trademark rights, having waited four decades to assert them since releasing the song “Hotel California” on a 1976 album with the same name.

The owner said it “flatly denies” the Eagles’ “baseless contention” that the 11-room hotel seeks to mislead travelers into thinking the property is associated with the band.

“Any alleged use of plaintiff’s trademarks is not likely to cause confusion, deception or mistake as to association, connection, sponsorship, endorsement, or approval of plaintiff,” the owner said in a filing in Los Angeles federal court.

Lawyers for the Eagles were not immediately available for comment.

In their May 1 lawsuit, the Eagles said the defendant encourages guests to believe their hotel is associated with the band, including piping its music through a sound system, to sell T-shirts and other merchandise.

The hotel is located about 1,000 miles (1,609 km) south of San Diego and 48 miles (77 km) north of Cabo San Lucas.

It was named Hotel California at its 1950 opening, underwent some name changes, and later revived the original name after a Canadian couple, John and Debbie Stewart, bought it in 2001.

U.S. District Judge Gary Klausner scheduled a conference in the case for Aug. 21.

The album “Hotel California,” won the 1977 Grammy Award for record of the year.

The case is Eagles Ltd v Hotel California Baja LLC et al, U.S. District Court, Central District of California, No. 17-03276.

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Lebanese Ministry Bans ‘Wonder Woman’ Film over Israeli Actress

Lebanon’s Interior Ministry banned the new “Wonder Woman” film from cinemas on Wednesday because an Israeli actress plays the lead role, a ministry source and a security official said.

Lebanon considers Israel an enemy country and the Ministry of Economy and Trade oversees a boycott of any business transactions concerning Israel.

The movie was set to premiere in most of Beirut’s major cinemas on Wednesday night, after private showings had been held the day before. The distributor for Warner Brothers in the region said the public release screenings were cancelled a few hours in advance.

The ministry source said they had issued an order to ban the movie, which stars former Israeli army soldier Gal Gadot, based on a recommendation from the General Security directorate.

“It’s very frustrating,” said Tony Chacra, managing director of the distributor Joseph Chacra and Sons. “The movie has nothing to do with Israel.”

They had already gained permission to show it in Lebanon, he said. “It cost money and advertising … Everything was going normally until a few days ago when a campaign began.”

Chacra said various Arab countries, including the UAE, Kuwait, and Oman, would screen the movie.

“They are not harming anyone by banning it … except the distributor,” he added. “They are making the movie theaters lose, the employees, the Lebanese economy … What did they get out of this?”

The Israeli actress also appeared in the movie “Batman v Superman” and in sequels of “Fast and Furious”, all of which played in Lebanese theaters.

“Thank God the film was banned, and we pledge to work on banning any similar films,” said Samah Idriss, a founder of the Campaign to Boycott Supporters of Israel-Lebanon that lobbied for barring the movie. The campaigners denounced Gadot on Facebook for serving in the Israeli military.

Idriss, whose group had unsuccessfully campaigned to stop “Batman v Superman” last year, described the ban as “a victory.”

Israel fought a month-long war with its Lebanese foe Hezbollah in 2006, and has targeted the Shi’ite armed group with strikes in Syria in recent years, but there has been no major direct confrontation.

The 2006 war killed around 160 Israelis, most of them troops fighting inside Lebanon, while 1,200 people in Lebanon, mostly civilians, died in Israel’s military barrages.

A U.N.-monitored ceasefire has largely held since the 2006 war, which also displaced a million people in Lebanon and nearly 500,000 in Israel.

The Iranian-backed Hezbollah movement played a major role in ending Israel’s 1982-2000 occupation of Lebanon.

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How ‘Wonder Woman’ Built a World of Women, Onscreen and Off

In a world of only women, there are no phallic structures.

At least that’s how Patty Jenkins imagined the island home of the Amazons and their heroic princess Diana, who grows up to become Wonder Woman.

“Like columns? They didn’t make that much sense to me,” Jenkins said in a recent interview. “They felt like an imposition on landscape, which didn’t feel like something that women are jonesing to do.”

As the director of “Wonder Woman,” Jenkins is creating new worlds for women both onscreen and off. Not only did she help dream up the look of the Amazon island and hire scores of actresses to serve as its resident warriors, she’s the first woman to direct a major superhero movie, and her success could pave the way for others.


As a child, she was inspired by Wonder Woman, describing Lynda Carter’s portrayal on TV as “the embodiment of everything that I wanted to be as a woman.”

“When I was playing Wonder Woman, I was able to do incredible things and save the world,” the 45-year-old filmmaker said.


That’s the feeling she hopes to evoke with viewers of “Wonder Woman,” in theaters Friday. Gal Gadot plays the title character, who discovers her superpowers and fights for justice alongside humans after following a charming spy (Chris Pine) to London during World War I.

‘An important movie’

The Israeli-born Gadot didn’t grow up with Wonder Woman, but she was always on the lookout for powerful characters to play.

“Usually the women are the damsel in distress or the heartbroken woman or the sidekick, but in real life it’s not the case. In real life, we bring life. We have babies. We have careers. We are so many other things,” said Gadot, a 32-year-old married mother of two.

“Wonder Woman symbolizes the magnificence of a woman and how amazing women are. And I think that it’s an important movie not only for women and girls, but it’s also great for boys and men, Gadot said. “You can’t empower women if you don’t educate the men and you don’t teach the boys, so as much as it’s important for girls to be exposed and see this movie, it’s important for boys to have a strong female figure that they can look up to.”

A first for Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman was created in 1941, yet this is her first solo feature film. Jenkins wanted to bring her to the big screen for more than a decade, but studios doubted the appeal of the lasso-wielding super heroine.

“I don’t understand why somebody who has had zero big blockbuster representation for 75 years still has 15 little girls a minute coming to my door dressed as her every Halloween, like how does that not equal dollar signs?” Jenkins said.


Connie Nielsen, who plays Diana’s mother, Amazon queen Hippolyta, also didn’t grow up with Wonder Woman, but had myriad other models of powerful women as a child in Denmark.

“The Denmark I grew up in was a Denmark in which women were, in fact, fully liberated and the whole world had been opened up to us,” she said. “In the magazines in the early ‘80s, it was men who were photographed doing the vacuum cleaning in the ads for vacuum cleaners and women were no longer posing on the Ford Mustang.”

So Nielsen felt entitled to question why, on an island populated by only women, her character would wear high heels. She and Gadot, both statuesque, wear wedges in the film.

“I actually had that conversation several times, and Patty was adamant,” Nielsen said. “She really felt like you stand a different way (in heels), and you do.”

Amazons were best part

The costumes, including the wedges, had to be considered during the physical training, which included horseback riding, archery and swords(wo)manship. For Robin Wright, who was raised on the “Wonder Woman” TV show, training and shooting with the Amazons was the best part.

“I think it was a little daunting for the men because it was very unusual. I think there were like 120 Amazons,” said Wright, who plays the warrior Antiope, Diana’s aunt and teacher. “That’s a different energy on the set, and great for us. We just felt like a team of women that had each other’s backs.”

She called Jenkins “the biggest cheerleader of them all.”

With the film’s arrival this week, Jenkins is thinking about what “Wonder Woman” might mean for a new generation of aspiring superheroes — and filmmakers.

“I am a filmmaker who wants to make successful films, of course. I want my film to be celebrated,” she said. “But there’s a whole other person in me who’s sitting and watching what’s happening right now who so hopes, not for me, that this movie defies expectation. Because I want to see the signal that that will send to the world.”


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